Thursday, May 5, 2011

New blog for a new hobby!

Hello everybody my name is Ben and I have just become the proud creator of Blu-Ray Way! Although a few years behind, I have finally decided to take the plunge into the beautiful world of Blu-ray movies. Not know what a Blu-ray is? Well let me tell you!

A Blu-ray (pronounced blue ray) is the name of the most current optical disc format on the market today. It was created by the Blu-ray Disc Association which is made up of all of the biggest leaders in technology like Dell, Hitachi, Sony, HP, and more! It was made to allow people to be able to record, rewrite, and playback media in high-definition as well as to be able to store massive amounts of data. In fact, a Blu-ray can hold five times more than a regular DVD can! Why is it called Blu-ray you ask? Well it is because regular DVD discs use a red laser to read and to write data, while a Blu-ray disc uses a blue-violet laser instead. The difference between the two lasers is that the blue-violet laser  has a shorter wavelength than the red laser allowing it to focus the laser spot with greater precision. This means that more data can be put on the disc because it is packed more tightly even though the size of the Blu-ray disc is identical to a CD/DVD!

If you have yet to see one of your favorite movies in full 1080p then you are really missing out! As a film student, there is nothing greater than watching movies and now that my first year of college is over and I finally got a job, I have decided to start creating a Blu-ray collection as a sort of hobby. The purpose of this blog is for me to journal my experience in this new hobby and I hope that any readers that come across will be interested in the purchases I make and what I think of them! If you made it this far, thanks for reading and I hope you come back soon!


  1. Shouldn't have to see a move in 1080p for it to be great though....

  2. So what do you think about those moviestreamers?
    They have blu-ray quality aswell, following you!

  3. I thought Avatar was way to sharp. In blu-ray it looked like sharpen than I would be able to see with my own eyes, if I were there!

  4. @ClassicPhil

    Greater visuals and sound only improve a great movies experience, it's certainly not a necessasity.

  5. Nice. How long have you been in film?? Show us some of the things you've made.

    Isn't blu-ray just a storage format, so allows you to store more information in the same space? So blu-ray movies aren't necessarily better visuals. Correct me if I'm wrong.